There are countless stories about strangers meeting online and falling in love through their communication in chat rooms and email messages.  But some stories start in the real world and spill over into the game world also Techies Fall In Love with cyber games.

Co-Workers and Teammates

Joel Green and Heather Rabatich are the examples people taking work and hobbies to a whole new level.  Green works in the sound design department for a company called BioWare.  Rabatich is one of the producers for a new game being developed for BioWare. The two collaborated on a project and became friends.  The friendship blossomed and they began dating.  Besides their work they also share an affection for Minecraft, an avatar game.

A Hidden Message in the Game

Green decided to do something special for Rabatich and show her his true feelings.  After hours of planning and work he had developed a castle and some other features just for his girlfriend.  When it was complete and he was ready he asked her to sit with him and explore the new world over the computer as he sat by her side.  As she made her way over bridges and up stairs she read little messages.  Finally, when her avatar was looking down on a meadow from a high balcony she saw the words “marry me.”  When she physically glanced at Green by her side he was holding a real engagement ring.

News Goes Viral

Once they were engaged they decided to let their friends and colleagues know through appropriate means; they put up a video of the game message on YouTube.  Some friends saw the video and started to chat about it on Twitter which caused the video to go viral during Valentine’s day.  Although some of their relatives do not quite understand the gaming attraction they are still happy for the couple’s pending marriage.