When throwing a party one of the things you might think about is what to serve your guests to eat. Simple Party Food Ideas is usually one of the main attractions and you want to make sure that you provide enough food so that your guests don’t go hungry, but not too much so that you end up spending a fortune on food that might go to waste. Finding simple finger foods, dips and light sandwiches and simple desserts like cookies or bite sized treats work best.

One of my favorite dishes to serve to is the best peanut butter cookie recipe in the world which of course the best peanut cookies ever! These are nutritious and protein packed treats that fill up guests plenty. Another terrific dish to make is cucumber sandwiches. These are light and crunchy giving texture and taste to simple sandwiches, plus they are pleasers for vegetarians and those on a diet. Another terrific dish to consider is a warm artichoke dish with melted Parmesan cheese. Just delicious recipes and simple meals can be prepared ahead of time and then place into the oven right before the guests arrive. This dish is great with sliced pieces of bread or crackers.

Finally, a slightly more substantial dish to make if you more than ten or so guest would be BBQ meatballs or cocktail dogs in sauce. For some reason these are always a huge hit with men regardless of the attire of the party. You can make them elegant or casual depending on the sauce and style you present them in, but regardless they tend to make most people happy. With all this delicious food its easy to put out small amounts and continually add more as the night goes on when needed so there is not waste. Plus most of these foods go well with many different types of beverages from fun punch to champagne and wine.