Choosing the right shirt is one of those tough selection processes we hate going through in life. Almost all men would admit they have bought ill-fitting shirts at some point throughout their lives! Well, not to worry! Once we’re aware of the options, it becomes much easier to choose the right shirt for the job.

Depending on the situation, different shirts can suit different situations. Most of the time, we need to find a balance between practicality or comfort, and style. Our body shape will often dictate what we should go for too.

There are three main types of shirt fit to be aware of, for men. These are; classic, slim fit, and tailored. The differences in each can be the difference between standing out and blending in. Here is a brief guide to each shirt type:

Classic Fit

Classic fit shirts are the office staple. These are shirts that are built for comfort and normally have a little extra excess room, particularly in the arm and back area. A classic fit shirt is comfortable to wear all day long, and looks practical in most situations. They can look great under a jacket too. Classic fit shirts should be worn tucked in to trousers. The negative is that a classic fit shirt can look ‘puffy’ and doesn’t flatter a fit physique too well. If you’re putting in the hours, then this shirt could be the right one for you.

Slim Fit

Slim fit shirts are the modern man’s wardrobe staple. These shirts are slightly tapered at the sides and therefore cut a slimmer silhouette. Men with an athletic body shape suit these shirts particularly well, but a slim fit shirt will complement almost any body shape – just be sure not to go too tight! A slim fit shirt will compliment smart trousers, and normally have a shorter tail than classic fit shirts, so can be worn untucked too in many situations. Be careful when ironing slim fit shirts as they often contain some synthetics and should not be ironed on high heat to avoid marbling.


Tailored garments used to be a luxury for the wealthy and, until only recently, have become an option for the masses. Like slim fit shirts, tailored shirts have an even sharper taper at the waist area and really create the V-shape that makes us look great. These are best left to athletic and toned bodies as they can find themselves being too tight on larger men. Slightly larger men should try slim fit first before tailored fit shirts.

The guide above should allow you to quickly categorise a shirt you’re looking at. It’s then up to you to try them on and go for the great look! Remember, with shirts you should employ a ‘spend twice as much, buy half as many’ spending policy. A more expensive cotton shirt will typically look better and last longer than a cheaper alternative. That’s not to say there aren’t deals to be had, so shop around!