In recent years I was thinking about going to law school. That ended up not happening, but it still piqued my interest in the area of law and its different sides. I was surprised to find that many people do not think all that much of a criminal attorney, though I can see why someone might make that judgement at first.

After all, do any of us really like the idea that people who commit crimes have a chance to get off the hook if they have a good enough lawyer? While that thought is distressing, that is definitely not the entire issue. Someone who is a criminal attorney, whether they are a the Maryland Criminal Attorney or otherwise, is doing their part to balance out the system. The system of law that we have in this country only exists because of the careful balance that exists within it. Sure someone who is guilty of a crime may not seem like they deserve a chance to be defended and then set free, but the way the system is designed, that person would never be let off the hook if they were not guilty.

Having a criminal attorney just makes it so that those who are doing the prosecuting have to really prove that the person is guilty of a crime–they help each other do their jobs. The police anywhere in the country do not have a perfect arrest record of taking people in who are guilty. Many innocent people have to gone to trial for crimes that they had nothing to do with, and I bet they came out of that experience with a different opinion about the need for the criminal attorney. Check and balances are exactly what any system of law needs in order to work correctly.

Even though we may not like the sound of it, we should still be happy there are those out there who are willing to take the heat of defending criminals. This is also why our country appoints a free attorney to people who cannot afford one, because they need to be defended in order for the trial to be fair and just. Everyone is doing their very best to make sure the system works perfectly. However, there are definitely flaws in the system, and these are often exploited in certain ways. For one, there is the problem of lawyers and money. If someone without an attorney is assigned a free one, then why is hiring a lawyer one of the most expensive things that a person can do?

Because the best lawyers can win a trial no matter what it is about, or who is right or wrong. This means that someone can win a trial just by paying more money, which in turns means that rich people have a much better chance of winning a trial than someone who is poor. In that sense, being assigned a free attorney to keep someone from going to jail is not exactly fair and balanced.

Whoever has the most money will win the trial, and this makes the system extremely unfair and unbalanced, and brings us back to the base concept that those in power (who generally have the money as well) create laws that only benefit themselves. That kind of thought is made to sound like a conspiracy theory because it is not something that the people in power want someone to think about for too long. Part of the reason for that is because it is so obvious to notice. The example I have just given about having money and winning trials is very obvious.