Women love furry stuff like cute little dogs. However things can go out of hand especially if the fur sticks to their clothes. The fur is not the real problem as they can be removed easily via brushing; it’s the lint residue that’s left on these clothes that’s the problem. There’s a way to remove them however, and let’s take a look at this specific method.

You can use a new product named the Dryer Maid to dry your garments and remove the fur and lint from them at the same time. This is made possible by the product’s ball which contains a thousand tiny lint brushes. With the aid of static electricity, these brushes attract the fur and lint, sending the lint down to a trap, effectively removing all these unpleasant objects from your clothes! The dryer maid works for various garments such as towels, curtains and sheets, woollen garments; name it and the dryer maid can clean it!

With the dryer maid, you get to save money and time. More than that, you also save your fabrics. But you will love these two benefits among many other else:

If you buy the dryer maid, you get a package that contains a self-cleaning brush. Sold $20 separately, you get this product for free! It’s a good add on to the device if you want to make you cleanup jobs faster.

You also get two dryer brushes. Now you have a set of brushes flexible enough to get lint from even unreachable corners. All these including the self-cleaning brush cost $40 but if you buy the dryer maid, you get all of them for free!

Using the maid ball will surely make you realize that the old vacuum cleaners in the market can be inefficient. Apart from being hard to handle, bigger cleaners also tend to eat up a lot of electricity plus they don’t clean tight spaces really well. With the maid ball, you get to leave a spotless, dirt-free cleanup.

If you’re wondering how you can save a lot of time with this package, here’s the answer. The package also contains a magical lint that doesn’t only clean the hairs from your clothes; it also keeps wrinkles out from them by providing an ironing effect. This piece of technology can do two jobs at once!

Give the dryer made every fabric you can think of and it will surely do its job well. Now, we don’t only get a piece of technology that does jobs all at once, we also get to save our beloved garments from the harsh elements of tedious washing and chemical treatments! Get your very own dryer made now and see how amazing it is!