Converse The History Of An Iconic Brand

Converse shoes have developed a style all their own, but as with many iconic brands, style in this case followed function, with the development of both the brand and the Converse range of footwear being influenced by their wearers.

The History of Converse

Converse started out as utilitarian shoes, made by the freshly formed Converse Rubber Shoe Company in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse, a man well versed in the production of rubberised footwear. Early shoes were general shoes using ‘winterized’ rubber soles, yet it was by accident that the company started to produce the iconic sports shoes the company is known for today.

With the increasing popularity of basketball as a sport in the USA, Converse released the Converse All-Star basketball shoe which was an immediate success. Backed and championed by top basketball player Chuck Taylor, the All-Star shoe eventually gained the well known signature ‘All Star’ patch which is now instantly recognisable worldwide.

The All American Image

With such an iconic range of footwear, promotion of the brand was easy, with tie-ins to many high school and college sports events, sponsorship by the Converse brand to top athletes across many different sports and maximum exposure in every day life, however the Converse brand was about to take a nose-dive with the introduction of more brands to the market.

Although Converse enjoyed a near monopoly post-world war 2, emerging brands such as Nike and Adidas took a large part of the traditional Converse market share, which led in 2001 to the company to file for bankruptcy in the courts, which after so many years trading was somewhat of a shock to the industry at large, however since a take-over of the brand by a new consortium the Converse brand has re-emerged, offering a whole new range of footwear and innovations to keep up with customer demand.

Converse Special Editions

Many special edition Converse shoes are available as well as special camouflage editions which are available in different colours, however the latest innovation from Converse is the availability of personalisation of shoes. This allows (via the website anyone to design their own Chuck Taylor All Star based shoe which can be customised with anything you like… as long as it’s less than 10 characters!

Where You Are Likely To See Converse

Although there are now many different brands of sports shoes available, Converse are still the shoe of choice for the style conscious basketball fan. These shoes have grown such a following that some people just won’t wear anything else, choosing different styles and colours to go with different outfits.

4 Great Reasons to Write Lists

The world of the written word has given us access to a number of ways to making our lives easier. From communicating with people to expressing our thoughts, these words have been responsible for a number of moving thoughts and ideas, including something we refer to as “lists”. Lists are nothing but a sequential arrangement of items that require us to respond to, at some point of time. They are all about putting things into order, in terms of the priority that we put to them and giving us a sorted-way of looking at the things we need to do in life.

However, in terms of historical usage and the actual need for lists, there are four reasons why we use them in our daily work and personal lives.

For Information

Lists have been used to provide people with information about events, things, rules, regulations and more. For decades, we’ve seen notices on bulletin boards and walls, with a list of information presented in a bullet-point format or just in the form of numbered lists. Anything listed chronologically or according to theme is something that you would expect from a list that’s meant for disseminating information.


Lists have always been used to link terms that are similar in nature or give you more information about a particular subject. In the form of tables of content or as indices in books, on websites and more, these lists are an essential part of telling people where to find what. These lists are extremely important when it comes to giving people direction when it comes to finding information quickly. On the Internet, these lists come with links that take you around websites and all over the Internet, taking you to the information through the pathways of technology.


When it comes to articles, books or websites, developing content require you to provide lists of resources that can help readers go to the next level or to other places where there is more information or additional reading that can assist the reader’s purpose. Over the years, plenty of encyclopedias, especially online versions, have used this format to promote other sections of their website as well as other websites that may have more information or simply be knowledge partners of some sort.


Categories are always important no matter what kind of information you are providing. Whether it is a book, a website, a letter or even a book shelf that you are trying to organize, categories are absolutely essential and require you to put in that “list” that we constantly end up referring to. By complying to the demand of having a categorized listing, you ensure that there is enough and more room for your content to appear in a easy-to-understand format.

Lists have always been used within a category, to determine various subjects described, as well as at the category-level, to describe the various kinds of categories. Depending on what your need for lists is and what purpose you plan to serve through them, your lists will vary in their format, their content and even their orientation. So go out there and explore the world of lists because irrespective of whether you are trying to get your daily work done or trying to get a message out to the world, you will find yourself using them quite often.