It is a national holiday, yet again.

But, before going scurrying around searching for free food and action, have a hard look at your self… because that’s what this holiday is all about. Happy National Selfie Day. Yes, it’s an whole day dedicated to those selfie pics you would take even if it was not any occasion… admit it.

But if best android selfie apps want to have from the creative soul of earning an awesome, standout selfie, try playing around with a few of these valuable apps and tutorials.

1. Facetune

Play with different fashions that add only a bit extra to your already awesome look. This app is fantastic for removing those arbitrary stray hairs which decide to try and photobomb.


This trippy selfie style is perfect if you’re going for the lost in translation appearance. The mixture of trendy colors makes you look like a glitchy television screen. Keep it artsy and original.

3. Retrica

If you’re indecisive, this application contains “real-time” filters and over 100 decals to present your selfie the look you truly want. You can never go wrong with an infinite amount of options for your own picture.

4. PicsArt Photo Studio — Magic Selfie Photo Collage

Whon’t desire to look like a magical trick? Create amazing light colours for this particular filter… and abracadabra.

5. Candy Camera

Perform with a vast array of filters to match with whatever mood you are in, and tell all of one’s followers. This application also has fun seasonal decals.

6. PicsArt Photo Studio — Rainbow Light Filter

Practice the rainbow inside this filter, and then create this awesome colorful streak across your face. But sorry, no pot of gold this time. You’re the golden.

7. Selfie Star Studio

This application is great for adding stickers, frames, or animated characters to your Instagram. The best part about it is it’s possible to create your very own musicvideo selfies.

8. GifBoom

With this particular app, you won’t only create an epic poem selfie, but in addition a gif. This is ideal for those funny minutes you fool your buddy in thinking you are shooting an image, but is in reality being recorded as a videogame.

Snap away for National Selfie Day. None of us will be exactly the same, so now is a day to have that you are and share your own selfie skills on the planet. Some times you only want to appear cute but don’t have the energy to benefit it. With popular selfie “lenses” such as for example the adorable pup and the Coachella blossom crown, Snap-Chat takes all the guesswork from correcting filters and reshaping facial features. After having an account through the application, press the icon in the top-right corner until you see yourself from the front-facing camera. Then, tap and hold off your finger over the image of one’s own face.

Every time a white web maps on your face, Snapchat has understood that your facial features, and also a row of lens options will soon appear over the bottom of the screen. Scroll through a few until you find the one which suits your own ‘tude and press the camera to take an image. Snapchat has even inserted a selfie lens designed for emulating makeup, though it often circulates together with different lenses and isn’t always available on the app.